FAQ - Bayle Out Sportfishing Fishing Charters


What should I bring?

-Sunscreen, sunglasses
-Proper clothing you need for the forcasted weather -warm, cold, rain, snow
-Soft soled shoes only, foot wear such as work boots and cowboy boots are not permitted
-Camera, Video Camera are good to have
-Motion sickness medication if needed (taken the night before is the most effective)
-Cooler for your food and drinks (please no large coolers and consolidation is appreciated)
-Cooler and Ice for your catches ride home! (leave in vehicle until after trip)
-Cash for tipping your mate (Tipping the mate is customary and a compliment for a good days work.
                                                       Typically tips range from 15 to 20% or $20 to $25 per person.)

What does Bayle Out Sportfishing Provide?

-Rods, Reels, Tackle and Bait
- Fish cleaning and bagged fillets
- All USCG safety equipment and devices

What Licenses do I need for Lake Erie?

If 16 years old or older then a PA fishing license with “Lake Erie” stamp is required. A “Trout Stamp” is required if targeting and keeping steelhead or lake trout.       You can Purchase here.

What Licenses do I need for Lake Ontario?

Anyone 16 years or older is required to have a NY fishing license.     You can Purchase here.

Can I bring Alcohol?

Hard alcohol is not permitted, beer (cans only) in moderation is permitted, if wanting to do a booze cruise please do not book with us.

We operate a drug free vessel.

Drugs are not permitted, bringing them on board will result in the charter being terminated without refund.

Can I smoke on board?

Please no smoking, if you must then using e-cigarettes is appreciated.

What happens if someone gets sick aboard?

We keep fishing, if you request to shorten the trip the rate will still be the same.

What age children are permitted?

Minimum age for a guest is 8 years old.

Do children count as guests?

Yes, each person in party will be considered a guest.